Let’s untangle

Let’s untangle hopes to untangle, simplify and explain concepts relating to therapy, psychology and life in between. Our clinical psychologist also provides therapy face to face or online to help you untangle your problems. Let’s untangle wants to inform in an uncomplicated way so that you can easily remember and apply what you have learned. So, let’s untangle…


We all have a past. It’s a mixture of happy, sad, and sometimes disappointing or traumatic memories. Our memories make us who we are. Our memories are like stories with different chapters. When unfortunate events happen to us such as growing up with an uncaring parent or witnessing a car crash, our stories become clouded and muddled. Our stories get jumbled up.

Our bodies react to our thoughts and memories. We can become restless, sad, or anxious. We find it difficult to sleep or painful to talk to others. We want to be left alone or use substances to numb our pain. Sometimes, we become obsessive with safety or cleaning, other times we might not care if we haven’t showered for days. Our relationships become difficult, our friends and family struggle to understand us. Or sometimes the thought of being in a relationship leaves us running for the hills.

We struggle to understand ourselves, we become poor narrators of our own story.

This is where therapy helps. Your psychologists can help you understand your story again. They can help you make sense of your feelings, thoughts and memories. It’s like untangling a ball of wool the cat got hold of. A psychologist can help untangle and knit together the muddled stories. They help us make sense of the way we feel, think and act. They help us learn new ways to deal with the difficulties of being a complex human being.