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Why is my therapist blogging?

Typewriter on a therapy couch.

Welcome to the blog part of my practice. I often find myself mulling over ideas or pondering everyday life problems we all face. Sharing my thoughts as a therapist through a blog felt like the right step to take, and I hope it might be helpful to you.

I've been a clinical psychologist for over ten years. I've seen and heard some things that most people would think are pure fiction. Being a therapist is an important job as others trust me to help while sharing their life stories with me. Having heard many people's stories over the years gives me insight into the daily struggles, adventures, and chaos tornados we all encounter. From figuring out who we are and understanding why we repeat unhelpful patterns to facing our limitations and existential dread, dealing with grief and loss, and the joy of living in between all of this.

There is so much to therapy than just talking about the problem. It's about understanding who we are, how we came to be, and defining our being in the world. When we do this, we learn to listen to the background music to the lyrics of our lives.

In my practice, therapy is a very personal form of learning. By blogging, I hope to extend the learning from my couch to your screen.


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